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ERDEN’s philosophy is informed by a comprehensive knowledge of fiber characteristics and the production process. Ingenuity has been a cornerstone of ERDEN since its inception, starting with the experimentation of inlaying metal into rugs. ERDEN continues to expand through craft and design including proprietary fiber blends, embedding alternate materials including pyrites and meteorites, and emphasizing innovative usage in all aspects of process.

A single quality like contrasting sheens, or sloping pile heights may inspire and bend design in unexpected ways. The process itself, from carding to weaving, shapes ideas about what a rug can be, not only through outcome but origin. Coordinated seamlessly between multiple craftsmen, the result is the culmination of imagination, science, and expertise.


ERDEN’s design approach extends into bespoke projects, drawing from a wealth of experience and knowledge. Furthering the unique qualities of an ERDEN rug, the client’s project parameters, interests, lifestyle and architecture of space are thoughtfully incorporated.