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The Farm

Erden Farm sits on 22 rolling acres of pasture and woodland in rural Illinois. Conceived as a comprehensive retreat to study camelid health and fiber production, the farm has grown as an ecological refuge for local flora and fauna, promoting biodiversity in a monoculture agricultural area. Additional to the herd of alpaca, a flock of 21 laying hens and an apiary provide farm-fresh eggs and honey for visitors and employees alike.

The Alpaca

A herd of 30 Huacaya and Suri alpaca call Erden Farm home. Employees and designers are provided the opportunity to gain insight into the particulars of breed and diet, while cultivating a more holistic understanding of fiber. The education the farm provides– best practices in veterinary care, shearing techniques for the maximum comfort and safety of the animal, strategic breeding–will be utilized in ERDEN’s long-term goal of providing rural Nepalese the opportunity to raise alpaca. A mutually beneficial relationship, fostering economic growth by providing a stable source of income to impoverished locals, as well as a local source of alpaca fiber for ERDEN.